Why we love the Great British Bake off….

Why we love the Great British Bake off….

Today there has been lively conversation in the Buffets4Business office about The Great British Bake Off as it makes a return to Channel4. Now, we all normally have very different, ahem, tastes in TV, but we all love ‘Bake Off’. Why? Well, we came up with 3 reasons…

  1. It’s so British.

Even with the new presenters Paul HollywoodSandi ToksvigNoel Fielding and Prue Leith, it has retained a tongue-in-cheek humour and production style which is totally unique to our shores. The tent, the disasters, the tears on leaving, the constant rain, and the range of ‘quirky’ contestants all serve to give the programme both a familiar and nostalgic feel which we all love, and which keeps us tuning in.

  1. It promotes fresh food.

It seems in recent years the nation has moved away from convenience food and TV dinners in favour of cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients. And, for those of us who are time poor, there’s been a rise in companies like HelloFresh and Gousto which deliver fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipe cards to your door.

And baking itself has seen a huge rise in UK with Realfoods.co.uk reporting that baking popularity is back up to the same level as in the 1920s! It is a great hobby, and as ‘Bake off has shown, can be enjoyed by men, women, old and young. We can be creative, develop new skills and relax all at the same time – and show off our creations with our family and friends.

  1. It appeals to the youngsters.

When the show’s on, the kids magically appear (even our teenagers who normally can’t drag themselves away from their iPhone). It’s real family viewing. In fact, we spotted an interesting article in the Guardian , which explained that ‘Bake Off  is the biggest series for 16 to 34-year-olds on any channel this year, with 2.5 million tuning in from this audience, equivalent to a 54.3% share of that market. Have that YouTube!

It is no wonder the show appeals to us, Buffets4Business’ mission is to create fresh daily buffets for our corporate clients across Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Buckinghamshire, and Surrey. So the B4B team can’t wait to see how this season of the lovely British, fresh and down with the kids Great British Bake Off 2018 will turn out!