Our tips to stop you over-indulging this Christmas.

Our tips to stop you over-indulging this Christmas.

  1. Stick to your usual breakfast

Most days over the Christmas break you’ll probably have a big lunch planned, so it’s a good idea to try avoid the temptation to have 3 mince pies for breakfast and have something small and healthy instead. Apart from boring stuff like it keeping your blood sugar steady, it allows you to eat more at lunch, which is always good.

  1. Drink plenty of water

In between all the other drinks inbibed over Christmas, you really should try and keep your water intake up too. The recommendation is 8 glasses a day but that’s quite difficult when there is so much wine open.  Staying hydrated is really important though not only to stay healthy but also to combat the effects that last egg nog.

  1. Eat sensible snacks

With chocolates, nuts, snacks and mince pies on every available surface, this is the hardest. So, before reaching for the nearest thing to you, apply some Far Eastern mindfulness and ask yourself do you really want it? Then try and make eating a conscious decision rather than just snacking for the heck of it. Or hide a few boxes of chocolate and replace them with bowls of fruit to give you some much needed vitamins. The kids’ll love you for it.

  1. Apply the 80:20 rule

Where possible try to apply the 80:20 rule, eating healthy options 80% of the time will help you enjoy the treats guilt free. Yeah, yeah, we did say try…

  1. Reduce your hangover

Mixing drinks is always something you regret in the morning. If you can stick to one type of alcoholic drink (and, for extra brownie points, have a water every 3rddrink), you’ll not only be the life of the party but won’t feel like death the next day either. And remember to eat, you need the nutrients to detoxify.

  1. Move

With so many films and TV shows on over Christmas there’s nothing better than all sitting on the sofa all day, but there’s only so many times you can watch E.T. (actually that’s a bad example, but you know what we mean). You need to get moving. There’s something rather lovely about wrapping up warm and going on a big family walk or, if you’re not feeling that energetic, maybe just playing some games that get you up, even if you just ask Auntie Jean for a dance around the living room to Jona Lewie, just get off the settee occasionally.

  1. Don’t stress

Enjoy your Christmas. Enjoy your time with the family. It really doesn’t matter if the sprouts are over-cooked, or if the kids get a bit excitable, or if Nan falls asleep at the table, or if Uncle Clive tells that joke again. Relax.

  1. Engage your brain

Games are brilliant. And Christmas is the one time in the year that the kids are more likely put down their phones and play with you. Choose a game that engages the whole family, Charades is a brilliant choice, it’s very funny and everyone can join in. Trivial Pursuit is good too although Dad always gets a bit competitive.