Office Manager – Administrator

Good Morning, the  lunches are perfect, my boss who is a man of very few words actually commented on the food being really nice and asked if the food had come from the new company, so if he has noticed all is good in my world….

Both Sarah and myself will be using you going forward and recommend you to anybody needing customer lunches.

Executive Assistant, Chineham Business Park, Basingstoke

Office Manager, Gatwick.

The general consensus was that the food was very tasty, great variety, neatly presented and we would be proud to serve this to our customers. There is never any leftovers which is a good sign!

Jayne, Bracknell.

I’m pleased to report that the buffet was very well received indeed. It seemed to go down a treat. I received a loads of compliments from the team!

They particularly liked the coronation chicken and the chicken and prawn skewers disappeared in a blink!