January Monthly Menus 2019

January Monthly Menus 2019

KICKING OFF 2019 we have launched our new MONTHLY MENU.  Each month we will change, add or introduce Menu products and retail platters based upon time of the year, season. event or occasion. 

Lunch buffets will include Healthy, Hot Street Food, Boardroom, Training and Office Meetings.  For variety check the Monthly Menus Selection for up to date choices when you want to order.

This month we have introduced the following choices:

1. Three new Healthy Buffets
2. Two new Executive Menus
3. Two new Hot Street Food Lunches

So check it out.  Just log into your personalised account at www.buffetsforbusiness.com and choose ‘Set Menus’.
If Street Food is not there just let us know at orders@buffetsforbusiness or 02033257780 and we will switch it on for you.

Best Regards
The Buffets4Business Team

B4B Christmas Opening Hours

B4B Christmas Opening Hours

The team at B4B will be delivering delicious lunch orders to our customers until 21stDecember this year, and open for breakfast orders until 10am on 24thDecember.

We are returning to work on January 2nd.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Our Recycled Plastic Policy

Our Recycled Plastic Policy

Nowadays, it seems all we hear in the media is that plastic, and more specifically, black plastic is bad – that it’s unrecyclable and that it’s terrible for the environment.

However that isn’t entirely correct.

At Buffets for Business, we use PET recycled black plastic which is made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s 100% recyclable and the fact that the material can be recycled many times over makes it very environmentally friendly packaging. This, we decided, was the best option for our business.

We did extensive research into other recyclable materials but realised they simply aren’t as good.

If we use cardboard, more trees are felled to keep with demand. Producing recycled vegetable pulp is a hugely costly process that just isn’t sustainable. Crockery trays need collecting, which means higher emissions, and these will ultimately end up in the ground.

So after a lot of consideration, we decided that the black plastic trays we use are the best product for the environment and the food. They’re the most hygienic, the best for keeping the food fresh, the most cost effective and lastly, the most environmentally friendly.

If we use recycled plastic and encourage more people to use it too, then we have more chance of keeping plastic out of the ocean and earth.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

The Buffets for Business team love receiving feedback – especially when it is glowing! So, we thought we should share a few of the great customer messages we have recently receiving.

“ Many thanks! We’ve been really impressed with the food and service received so please pass our thanks on to all the team. 

 “I’d like to say that we were really pleased with our buffet lunch, especially the gluten free vegetarian meal (I really struggled to find anywhere that would easily cater for this). I look forward to using your services again in the future 😊.”

“The food was a big success with everyone and so much better than having sandwiches every day, though they were good too. This is the first time we’ve gone for the Street Food, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others based on our experience. We didn’t try the Indian option, but if it’s as good as the chilli you won’t go wrong.”

Thanks to all our wonderful customers who took the time to message us.

B4B introduce our Inspirational Food Menu

B4B introduce our Inspirational Food Menu

At Buffets4Business HQ we’re very excited to announce the addition of our new Inspirational menu to our range – perfect for when our customers want something a bit more high end for their lunch experience.

Our Managing Director, Jon Daniels, explains why it a great new option to help impress both your colleagues and your customers.

“Many of our clients who order catering regularly, tend to stick to the same sandwich platters, whether their guests are VIP customers, on the board or internal teams. Which is fine of course, and we understand that if something is ‘tried and tested’ why change? But actually, it might mean that there are some members of staff who are eating the same lunches 2 or 3 times a week! We’ve had great customer feedback from those who have shaken up a board meeting with some mid-week tapas or have served a key account afternoon tea!”

 “Our 6 inspirational menu options allow you to choose an impressive platter lunch, appropriate to the occasion and the guests you want to impress. We will provide loan crockery and serving utensils to create an ‘upgraded’ dining experience. We’ll also give you the option to have everything set up, served and then cleared away by a professional member of our team.”

A flavour of our Inspirational Menus:

Dynamism           Executive Menu Wraps, Flat breads, Pasta Salad, Cheese Board, Profiteroles, Fruit
Heartening Healthier Menu Salmon, Prawns, Teriyaki salad, Pasta Italiano, Moroccan cous cous, Fruit salad
Creative Tapas Menu Fajitas, Meat Platter, Chips and dips, Mixed bean salad, Mixed leaf salad, Churros, Fruit
Signature Traditional Afternoon Tea Brioche rolls, Scones (clotted cream and jam), Mini eclairs, Macarons, Victoria sponge.
Energiser Boardroom Menu Wraps, Canapes, Greek Salad, Cheese Board, Trifle, Fruit kebabs.
Motivate Knife and Fork Charcuterie platter, Cheeses, Prawn cocktails, Potato salad, Coleslaw, Crusty bread, Lemon tarts.

Nut Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan options also available.


The B4B team would love to talk you through the options and discuss your requirements, please call 0203 3257780 or email orders@buffetsforbusiness.com.

B4B introduce our Street Food Menu.

B4B introduce our Street Food Menu.

The B4B team are very excited to announce our new Street Food menu to our range.

Our Managing Director, Jon Daniels explains why it was the natural addition to our business customers.

“There has been a huge surge in the popularity of street food recently. And at B4B, we thought that street food from a range of international cuisines would be the perfect ‘something different’ for our business lunches. Our customers can now choose from a range of delicious options – Indian, Mexican, Tapas, Italian, Jackets, that all come with a number of side dishes (with options for dairy, gluten free and vegan dietary requirements of course) and that are all delivered in hot boxes, with hot plates and all the necessary serving utensils.

This style of street food, and indeed eating, is very popular the world over. It’s become much more familiar in the UK though thanks to the increase in farmers markets and the increase of food stalls at festivals and pop-up venues. It certainly opened our minds to do something different. People are looking for something else at lunchtime, so mixing it up with a range of cuisines, local fresh ingredients and delicious recipes is very exciting for us. 

At B4B, we have always used fresh, local ingredients to make delicious and innovative corporate lunches for our customers across Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Buckinghamshire, and Surrey. And now, with our new Street Food menu we can offer our customers a broader choice and a more exciting lunch experience.”

So check it out – ordering is exactly the same, you just log into your personalised account and choose ‘Set menus’. In Street Food, just choose your themed menu and add extras or side dishes accordingly and we’ll prepare the feast!’

Buffets4Business New Online Ordering System! Launches Monday 23rd April 2018.

Buffets4Business New Online Ordering System! Launches Monday 23rd April 2018.

Buffets4Business New Online Ordering System!

Launches Monday 23rd April 2018.

Buffets4Business Important Announcement

The New Catering Online Order System launches on Monday 23rd April 2018. (Please note that the buffets4business current online order system will shut down from 3.30 pm Friday 20th April until 0500am Monday 23rd April 2018.
Any Buffets required during this closure please email orders@buffetsforbusiness.com

What is the New Catering Online System?
B4B have combined the best of our Corporate Menu and Retail
Menu onto one system

To Order from April 23rd visit our website – www.buffetsforbusiness.com.
(Please note the original Blue Portal/Retail platform will be removed after launch)

With B4B Catering Online you can either:
• Create a Personalised Buffet by choosing your Favourite Platters with the Control of Cost and Volume of Food.
• OR Pick a Set Menu based upon the number of People in your Meeting
• OR Combine Both

Other Improvements
• Visual pictures to help pick your lunch. Also, a basket system to calculate your order.
• More seasonal promotions, price benefits and special offers.
• Our popular individual dietary trays are now easier to order and kept separate from the set menus.
• Instant credit card payment or Payment on account
• Login information is the same for existing clients. New clients can
sign up on the website.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

The Buffets4business Team

Power up in 2018. Buffets4Business New Healthier Options Available on the Retail Menu!

Power up in 2018. Buffets4Business New Healthier Options Available on the Retail Menu!

All the pig’s in blanket has been eaten and the champagne has run dry, which means it’s time to start your New Years health kick!

Power up in 2018 with Buffets4Business’s new healthier styled lunch options available now. Choices include Protein packed meat platters, powerfood sharing salads and lots of brain boosting extras.

The new healthier lunches can be found on the Retail Menu under ‘Healthier Options’. http://www.buffets4business.co.uk/retail/retail_home.aspx

To celebrate our new Healthier Choices we would like to offer you 20% off of your first Retail Menu order. To redeem this offer please email sales@buffetsforbusiness.com with the promotion code RETAIL. This offer is valid till 31/01/18

If you would like any more information regarding this offer please contact us on 02033257780 or email us as above.

Buffets4Buisness August Special Offers!

Buffets4Buisness August Special Offers!

August Offer:

ALL assorted Juice Burst; Apple, Orange, Tropical & Blood Orange WAS  £1.50 now only £1.25.

Our popular Mini Indian Platter; Mini Vegetable Samosas, Onion Bhajis, Aloo Tikka, Vegetable Pakoras & Tikka Fillet Skewers WAS £1.65 now £1.25 per person.

All offers can be found on the ‘Optional Extras’ section on our online ordering system under ‘Special Offer