Office Administrator

It was great to meet you too. Thank you for the taster buffet. Everything was good, especially the cakes.

The presentation was lovely.

Also, the greek salad was tasty, but the lettuce pieces were very large and there was a piece of the root/core that I don’t think should have been in there.

Overall we were very happy with it and I will certainly order from you in the future.

Susanna Reception Uxbridge

Office Manager – Administrator

Below are the comments about the taster buffet you kindly delivered and thank you.

‘For me the quality was good and if its competitive I don’t mind using them for CustEd courses in UK office.’

 ‘I thought the food was well presented and there was a good variety of rolls, sandwiches and nibbles.  As someone else mentioned the sandwiches were not very exciting but the wraps and rolls were better.  The yogurt pots were also a good idea.  If I were a customer attending a course I would be happy with this food’

‘The little cake thing was moist and flavourful, very nice, not too sweet! I also had a bit of satay/tikka chicken (not sure which it was). A delicious spice mix, not too hot, on perfectly cooked cold chicken. Basically I’m happy.’

 Maxine PA Newbury

Office Manager – Administrator

It was a pleasure meeting you this morning.  Your taster buffet was excellent.

Everyone commented at how nicely it was presented.

I will definitely be placing an order in the near future.


Tina Office Manager Healthcare Company Watford

Office Manager – Administrator

Thank you for the buffet today.  I think that it was probably a four person buffet and I’ve spoken to the company which ate it.  They gave it 9/10 (didn’t say what the -1 was for).  One said it tasted excellent and another that the fruit was really nice and fresh.  They polished off all the chicken but they didn’t eat the yoghurts.

I would say from a presentation point of view, the standard was high.

Rayna – Centre Manager Watford

Office Manager – Administrator

Good Morning, the  lunches are perfect, my boss who is a man of very few words actually commented on the food being really nice and asked if the food had come from the new company, so if he has noticed all is good in my world….

Both Sarah and myself will be using you going forward and recommend you to anybody needing customer lunches.

Executive Assistant, Chineham Business Park, Basingstoke

Office Manager – Administrator

Thank you for calling in and leaving the samples box.

I put it all out on a table for everyone who wanted to try and very quickly there was nothing left, which is always a good sign.

The food was presented professionally and looked very appetizing, tasted amazing and there was a lovely variety of items too. Nice touch with the hand wipes and the freebie cup with coffee sachet.

I have just gone round to everybody to find out who had what and asked them to score what they had out of 5, Everything was scored 4 to 5

So as you can see it was a real success.


Secretary, Basing View, Basingstoke


Taster buffet was GREAT thank you . . . nice and fresh, tasty and good variety !

Definitely be using you next time we need a buffet delivered !


Service and Supply Chain Manager, Chineham Park, Basingstoke

Office Manager – Administrator

I have to say we were most impressed with the samples. The food was extremely fresh and there was a good variety

Also the cakes were delicious!  We will certainly be using you in future as we have lots of requests for buffets

Centre Manager, Basingstoke

Office Administrator, Bracknell.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your efforts this week and since you started supplying us with catering. I have had nothing but amazing feedback this week with the food.  Everyone’s over the moon with the spread!