Egg Recalls in Europe.

Egg Recalls in Europe.

Brakes Statement: Egg Recalls in Europe (Due to the Presence of Insecticide Fipronil)

We are aware of reports in the press that eggs have been removed from shop floors in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands as they were found to contain an insecticide (Fipronil) that is banned from use in human food production. About 700,000 eggs have been taken off the shelves in the UK, and some retailers have also recalled products containing egg as a precaution.

We are aware of the current concern around eggs. It is thought that the farms that the affected eggs came from are based in the Netherlands. Brakes Eggs

The Food Standards Authority (FSA) has confirmed that there are no food safety or health risks related to the insecticide Fipronil, but it isn’t authorised to be present in eggs.

All Brakes shell eggs are UK-sourced Lion Quality. The majority of our own brand egg products (like liquid whole egg, liquid egg yolk, scrambled egg mix and peeled hard-boiled eggs) are manufactured from UK-sourced Lion Quality eggs.

If using UK Lion Quality eggs isn’t an option (e.g. where eggs are used as an ingredient), we only source from our approved suppliers who are fully aware of their responsibilities to meet EU and UK food safety regulations, to ensure all products supplied to Brakes are safe and legal.

We’re keeping a close eye on the situation and we will continue to monitor our suppliers. You will be informed if we need to recall any products you are currently using

Please pass any media enquiries to Kevin Coles at Nexus PR on 07776 026012.


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