Our Recycled Plastic Policy

Our Recycled Plastic Policy

Nowadays, it seems all we hear in the media is that plastic, and more specifically, black plastic is bad – that it’s unrecyclable and that it’s terrible for the environment.

However that isn’t entirely correct.

At Buffets for Business, we use PET recycled black plastic which is made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s 100% recyclable and the fact that the material can be recycled many times over makes it very environmentally friendly packaging. This, we decided, was the best option for our business.

We did extensive research into other recyclable materials but realised they simply aren’t as good.

If we use cardboard, more trees are felled to keep with demand. Producing recycled vegetable pulp is a hugely costly process that just isn’t sustainable. Crockery trays need collecting, which means higher emissions, and these will ultimately end up in the ground.

So after a lot of consideration, we decided that the black plastic trays we use are the best product for the environment and the food. They’re the most hygienic, the best for keeping the food fresh, the most cost effective and lastly, the most environmentally friendly.

If we use recycled plastic and encourage more people to use it too, then we have more chance of keeping plastic out of the ocean and earth.